December 12, 2022


Wearing costumes from designer Adrian Anh Tuan, the couple Binh An and Phuong Nga made many people admire their amazing visuals.

From the time they fell in love to the time they returned to the same house, Binh An and Phuong Nga always gave each other sweet and romantic gestures. And perhaps it is also thanks to the gentle and beautiful love story of the two that designer Adrian Anh Tuan immediately thought of inviting the couple to make a set of photos to introduce his new collection LOVE TA Resort 2023. Thereby, the audience can not only admire his latest creations, but also admire the series of “x2 visual” poetic photos of the most beautiful couple in the entertainment industry.

Designer Adrian Anh Tuan recreates the image of his parents 45 years ago

Adrian Anh Tuan said that the LOVE collection was launched to recreate the image of his parents. He wants to produce a trendy set of “innovative” photos that bring the contemporary touch of fashion but still do not lose the retro imprint over the decades.

Talking about the concept of the set of photos, the designer shared: ” WE LOVE Resort 2023 is indeed inspired by the fashion of the 70s, but more specifically, this is also a collection that recreates the love story of parents. me in December – the special occasion of the 45th wedding anniversary.”

LOVE TA Resort 2023 will have 68 designs for the autumn-winter season, the year-end festival season and the beginning of the new year. In addition, the collection also introduces 30 Ao Dai for Spring 2023 with a modern style with a little bit of classic with a touch of the 70s. A full collection of products for both women and men; for those who are in love, have not loved and will love.

Binh An – Phuong Nga a perfect couple in love

If you have been following Adrian Anh Tuan for a long time, everyone will know that LOVE Resort 2023 still uses the language of fashion to portray lasting happiness. The collection once again tells about the perfect “brand” love stories. Therefore, the couple close to him, Binh An – Phuong Nga, did not disappoint the fashion house when “buying” the main male and female roles in the set. Both easily convey romantic and loving messages, just “be yourself” to express the true spirit of the collection.

Unlike the cute and youthful photos that have been done before, with this new set of photos, Phuong Nga and Binh An bring a completely different image when they both show romantic, warm, and just love. Impressive shape with a nostalgic look “vibe” in the 70s.

If Phuong Nga appeared with a classic, haughty bob, Binh An showed a masculine and elegant appearance. The two not only cleverly choose ton-sur-ton colors, but also wear “matchy” outfits in terms of materials such as tweed, felt, feathers, creating a harmonious whole with a breath of autumn and winter.

It can be said that designer Adrian Anh Tuan has paid great attention to the mix & match style so that fans can feel the fashion statement of the 70s with plaid patterns, fur coats, hippie-style maxi skirts, etc. time can still naturally immerse themselves in the love story of the couple.

Revealing the location of the show LOVE TA Resort 2023

The set of photos was taken at Ana Mandara Dalat – one of the most romantic places in Vietnam. According to designer 8X, the launch show of the LOVE TA Resort 2023 collection will also take place here. Because this place gives him a very dear feeling after hundreds of visits to the resort. Designer Adrian Anh Tuan revealed that Da Lat is also the place where his parents met, fell in love and got married, so there is no more perfect place to introduce a meaningful collection this time

According to Adrian Anh Tuan, the show not only has guests in the entertainment industry – fashion, but also has the participation of two important characters, his parents returning from the US and close family and friends.



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