About Us

Ninh Van Bay Tourism Real Estate Joint Stock Company aims to create a brand, develop and manage resort operations with a unique and high-class experience according to international standards. Promote cooperation and investment activities to find opportunities and prepare for future development plans.

Core values


From our discerning guests to our professional staff we take care of them as if they were family. Without them we would have no business and we see their health and happiness as a measure of our success.


In harmony with nature and community, we respect and always strive to protect our nature and environment as well as contribute to the sustainable development of the local economy.


Without heritage there would be no established identity. Cultural, natural heritage and human heritage. All lend our destinations a unique charm and personality. They are our root for inspiration and innovation in world class hospitality.

Vision of Ninh Van Bay

Creates personal inspiring experiences for our guests that they will treasure.
A Destination of choice for discerning guests, associates, communities, and investors.
Who respects natural environment, traditions, and cultural heritage of our destinations through sustainable initiatives.

Our future business objectives

Ninh Van Bay continues to expand development in the Vietnamese hospitality sector, enhancing our existing properties and operational management. Creating unique and world-class experiences to become one of the leading Vietnamese developers in hospitality destinations.

Ninh Van Bay will continue to invest in the premium hospitality real-estate, building its own premium property management brand, as well as cooperating with potential partners to create new world class hospitality products.

History of development

Phase III (2020 – now): Restructured towards the goal to of becoming the best in the market


Currently, Ninh Van Bay ongoing projects are: Six Senses Ninh Van Bay (Phase 2), Mui Ne Resort Project (total of 04 hectare), Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa Da Lat. NVT aspires to build a series of "Heritage Property”, continue seeking out new opportunities and preparing for future projects.


NVT decided to concentrate its resources on resort real estate via suitable forms of investment: Either by acquiring, taking over existing projects, or starting new projects. NVT will also invest in urban real-estates, with the goal of building a chain of modern urban areas. Accordingly, the company had issued 240 billion VND worth of bonds to expand its operating capital. NVT also acquired Jessamine Tourism Investment Ltd., consequently became the parent company of its subsidiaries.


NVT established its new strategy: “Shifting its orientation on developing high-end hospitality real estates, and to continuing surveying prospects to find suitable opportunities that aligns with NVT’s goals and purpose.”

Phase II (2010 – 2019): Officially listed and resort construction starts

2013 - 2019

NVT increased charter capital to 905 billion VND resulting in an increased in shares to 90.5 million VND. Also added 230 billion VND of bonds to restructure its debts. By 2019, NVT completed a series of capital transfers, starting with Hai Dung Company Ltd. and Danh Viet Commerce and Services JSC. Then, moved away from Conbap Ecological Tourist Co. Ltd., moving toward a leaner organization.


NVT had completed its capital contribution to Tan Phu Tourism JSC. (Hanoi), Conbap Ecological Tourist Co. Ltd. (Quang Nam Province), Danh Viet Commerce and Services JSC. (Ho Chi Minh City), Ninh Van Bay Holiday Club Company Ltd., and EMG JSC., commenced on real estate projects and resort management.


On April 28, 2010, shares of Ninh Van Bay Travel Real Estate JSC. (NVT) were approved for listing on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange. And began trading with 50.5 million shares on May 7, 2010. NVT then increased its chartered capital to 605 billion VND by the end of the year.

Phase I (2006 – 2009): Founding of Ninh Van Bay


Tuan Phong Investment and Construction JSC. restructured and renamed itself to Ninh Van Bay Travel Real Estate JSC. Merged the two companies it partly-owned, Hai Dung Ltd. and Hong Hai Tourist JSC. During this year, NVT also started the Six Senses Saigon River project (Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province)."


On September 26, 2006, in Hanoi, Tuan Phong Investment and Construction JSC. was established with a focus on investment, basic construction, building materials trading, interior equipment, etc. It was considered as the predecessor of Ninh Van Bay Travel Real Estate JSC.


Administrative Council

Mr. Vu Hoang Linh
Chairman of the board
Mr. Vu Hong Quynh
Member of management Council
Mr. Trinh Nguyen Khanh
Member of management Council
Mr. Vu Ngoc Tu
Independent Board Member
Ms. Dang Thuy Linh
Member of management Council

Board of manager

Mr. Vu Hong Quynh
General manager
Ms. Dang Thi Ngoc Han
Deputy General Manager
Mr. Daniel Matthew Wood
Deputy General Manager
Ms. Nguyen Thuy Lien
Chief Accountant

Control Board

Ms. Dinh Thi Hanh
Supervisory Board
Ms. Nguyen Ho Ngoc
Member of Supervisory Board
Mr. Vu Ha Nam
Member of Supervisory Board