March 28, 2023


Le Lyceé Artspace, Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort&Spa.

After the exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City at the end of 2022, Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort&Spa is the next stop of a series of retrospective art exhibitions “Hands of time” to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the death of painter Buu Chi.

If in music, Trinh Cong Son is a monument of musical works imbued with human philosophy, in painting – that monument is Buu Chi. Not sung with melodies and sounds like Trinh’s music, Buu Chi’s sufferings are hidden in every stroke.

An exhibition once took place at Le Lyceé Artspace, Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort&Spa.

After his death, Buu Chi paintings became rare treasures that were cherished and kept in many places, individually. Compared with Trinh music – an intangible asset that anyone can ‘own’, everyone belongs to and sings when in the mood, with Buu Chi, letting the public ‘listen’ to his paintings is ‘excited’. speak up is a rare thing indeed.

Portrait of the late painter Buu Chi.

According to the art world, the exhibition ‘Hands to hold time’ is a rare opportunity for art lovers in general and painter Buu Chi in particular to satisfy their passions, immerse themselves and discover the deepest feelings of art. ‘Buu Chi style’.

‘Buu Chi – by the art of contemplation, discovery shows us that from burgundy begonia flower buds to crude oil lamps, lime pots, spilled coffee cups, extinguished matches, from pigeons to to the portraits of God, Buddha … all show down his work full of charm. Personally, I also see Buu Chi as an incarnation of ‘the man standing on the crater’ – an intense creative force that has been swept away by the ash,’ said painter Dinh Cuong.

“Two cups of tea”, oil on paper by Buu Chi.

More than 30 works on display were created by painter Buu Chi over different periods with diverse materials such as oil paint on paper, canvas, pulp on the body…

In addition to Buu Chi’s works and painting stories, the exhibition also introduces to the public the limited edition, limited edition art book of the same name, including the artist’s biography, works and articles about him.

The book partly helps readers, especially young people – step deeper into his life, relationships as well as his style and inspiration.

“Memories”, oil on paper.

According to curator Ly Doi: ‘After the exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, we considered many places and decided to choose Ana Mandara Dalat as the next place to carry out the exhibition ‘Hands of time’. Because here, in a dreamy and nostalgic heritage space, it will definitely bring different experiences to the viewers.

Art lovers were able to get closer to mingle with the pain and anguish of a unique ‘Buu Chi school’, which is human and reflects the thinking of an entire era.

Moreover, during his lifetime, Da Lat was a favorite place of Buu Chi, he had many friendships here. Later, many of his works were also collected and kept by art lovers in Da Lat.

In the past 2 years, Ana Mandara Villas Dalat has become an ideal rendezvous for painting enthusiasts through activities of painting exhibitions, organizing creative camps, contributing to spreading the quintessence of art, connecting people who love beauty and promoting the development of Vietnamese painting.

Continuing with ‘Hands of time’, Ana Mandara Villas Dalat is an art stop for art lovers in general and the works of painter Buu Chi in particular.

“Green Cactus”.

Researcher Le Huynh Lam commented: ‘It can be said that Buu Chi’s painting world has opened up for viewers a way to return to each person’s inner life, a journey to realize the self. our.

Each painting, each color patch, each artist’s figure is a code to open the door that has been posted by a life full of worries, fears, intrigues… from which the viewer will automatically I explore my own inner world, discover the world of colors with a luxurious sadness, containing deep philosophical thoughts in the work of painter Buu Chi’.

“Blood Moon”.

According to the exhibition organizers, the event is accompanied by Rei Artspace in the role of the implementing agency – wishing to create a special space, a retro imprint, in the ideal events. remember 20 years of the death of painter Buu Chi.

The exhibition opens at 3:30 pm on March 26 at Le Lyceé Artspace – Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa (Le Lai Street, Ward 5, Da Lat City), lasts until May 26.

Tran Hoa

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