December 26, 2022


At the 2022 Da Lat Flower Festival, the group “Street Side of the Hill” introduced 2 projects “Da Lat Art Map” and the booklet “Art connects us,” to connect Da Lat culture with the outside world.

Lam Dong: Ket noi van hoa Da Lat voi the gioi ben ngoai hinh anh 1

Mr. Tran Trung Hien, founding member of the group “Street of the Hill” introduced the Art Map of Da Lat . (Photo: Chu Quoc Hung/VNA).

As part of the program in the series of events of the 2022 Da Lat Flower Festival , the group ” Street Side of the Hill ” has just introduced two projects “Dalat Art Map” and the book “Art that connects us”. Art connects Us).”

These are two group publications scheduled to be officially launched in 2023, on the 130th anniversary of Da Lat city. Notably, “Street Side of the Hill” is a group of young intellectuals originally from Da Lat or loving this city, voluntarily spending money to do many projects to connect Da Lat culture with the outside world.

The program organizers introduced the Da Lat Art Map, designed in the form of a leaflet, with information on more than 50 famous places of the most cultural and historical value of the city. This is considered a handbook, guiding tourists to destinations and providing the most basic information about culture, history, architecture…

This map also becomes a souvenir of each visitor when returning from Da Lat city.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Hien, one of the founders of “Street of the Hill”, said that the Dalat Art Map is a product to position the city to become one of the famous art-culture destinations. turned on in the country, region. To make Da Lat worthy of being included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (the city is preparing a registration dossier).

The group’s expectation is that Dalat Art Map develops as a harmonious gift between two indispensable aesthetic and functional values ​​for tourists when coming to Da Lat.

Through Dalat Art Map, people can easily have information about the artistic values ​​of attractive destinations, events, cultural and art programs. This is a well-organized, well-invested art map. Phase 1, expected to 3/2023, the group will coordinate with the People’s Committee of Da Lat city to distribute 20,000 free prints. Phase 2 from 2023-2025, the team develops a digital map platform, researches and develops the Art Passport model and gift products that honor the values ​​and promote the local image.

In addition, the group introduced the book ” Art connects us .” This is considered a platform to connect voices and opinions for Da Lat city, including more than 20 articles. multi-disciplinary topics from experts, scholars with many years of research on Da Lat.

Established in 2016, the group “Street Side of the Hill” consists of more than 10 young intellectuals including architects, designers, painters, musicians, etc., self-financing, connecting with domestic and international intellectuals. , implementing a project to connect Da Lat culture with the outside world. The main purpose of “Street Side of the Hill” is to help tourists and others understand and love Da Lat more.

One of the famous projects implemented by the group is to turn the Doc Nha Lang alley in Ward 1 (Da Lat) from a rather “dirty” place of the city, into a unique public art work. With a series of large paintings on the walls, stone embankment of the mossy ancient slope, Doc Nha Lang has become a famous tourist attraction of Da Lat city without using the state budget.

Or the group “Street Side of the Hill” has connected, organized exchanges and performances of famous musicians and artists in the country and the world completely free of charge so that the people of Da Lat can directly connect with the culture from outside.

Chu Quoc Hung (TTXVN/Vietnam+)

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