June 15, 2022


Inspired by the brilliant beauty of summer beaches and the journeys of youth, designer Adrian Anh Tuan introduces designs for men under the Lang Du collection.

Lang Du collection inspired by summer nature

After the success of the Lang Du show at Vietnam International Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022 (AVIFW), Adrian Anh Tuan continued to release photos for the collection.

The set of photos were taken during sunny and windy summer days in the waters of Ninh Van Bay – one of the most beautiful seas in our country. It is known that this is the first part of the Lang Du campaign , especially for the boys – a rare thing in Adrian Anh Tuan’s collections.

Adrian Anh Tuan finds inspiration for the Lang Du collection from summer nature

Lang Du collection inspired by summer nature

The hot summer has arrived. The blue beaches stretching for thousands of kilometers on the territory of Vietnam, the white sand sparkling under the golden sunshine, is truly an invaluable gift that nature gives us.

Lang Du collection inspired by summer nature

Inspired by the sunset on the sea of ​​tropical islands, and also to save the beautiful memories of the trips of youth, Adrian Anh Tuan introduces a new collection called Lang Du .

Lang Du collection inspired by summer nature

Lang Du collection uses environmentally friendly materials

Collection with 50 different designs, colors and vibrant textures for both men and women. Mainly using natural silk and linen, the dresses and tops are designed liberally, typical of the summer style.

Lang Du collection inspired by summer nature

In particular, in this collection, Andrian Anh Tuan prioritizes using environmentally friendly materials, recycled from lotus fibers and oysters from the blue sea. The materials have natural antibody, odor control, antistatic and moisture control effects. Possessing outstanding features while still carrying fashionable colors, that is the interesting highlight of this collection.

Lang Du collection inspired by summer nature

In addition, the collection also combines many vibrant motifs of the summer, with striking colors that are trending this year such as orange, yellow, neon green and fuchsia pink. The color-shifting ombre motifs, or the logo-mania trend motifs are also included in the collection by him. All patterns can be combined together, creating a very personal style for each individual this summer.

Lang Du collection inspired by summer nature


The Lang Du collection is on sale at Valenciani stores by Adrian Anh Tuan

Ho Chi Minh City
26 Ly Tu Trong, District 1
Tel: 028.3824.3778

25 Church, Hoan Kiem District
Tel: 024.7303.6788

**Execution team**

Photo: Manh Bi
Make up: Nguyen Minh Quan
Hair: Le Ngoc Son
Shoes designed specifically for the collection: Vascara
Location: Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

Posted by Hai Linh

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