NVT appointed new chairman and CEO

On April 18th, 2011, the board of management of Ninh Van Bay Travel Real Estate JSC held an extraordinary meeting in order to execute the decision of the shareholders in the Annual General Shareholders Meeting on 2011. In this meeting, the board of management decided to consolidate the duties of its members. Mr. Phan Doan Hung is voted to be chairman, replacing the present chairman Mr. Hoang Anh Dung after this meeting. The members also appointed Mr. Hoang Anh Dzung as the new CEO and Mr. Vu Ngoc Tu - the current CEO will take up a new position as vice general director.

A new member of the BOM, Mr. Phan Doan Hung who received 100% support from shareholders in the Annual General Shareholders Meeting 2011 has extensive experience in Vietnam's financial market. As a chairman of Ninh Van Bay, Mr. Hung will be responsible for raising capital for Ninh Van Bay's projects, to ascertain sufficiency of sources for the investment activities with the best cost of fund.

Mr Hoang Anh Dzung has in depth understanding of Ninh Van Bay's activities in particular and the regional tourism's market. He also is a CEO of Ninh Van Bay's subsidiary company.

With this nomination, Ninh Van Bay expects to push the investment projects, accelerate Ninh Van Bay's financial capacity and encourage the co - operate activities between its subsidiary companies, creating its strength.  

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